We Grow Green Buildings

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A Visionary Material

we grow green buildings tree clt‘Green’ sustainable building does not have to come with an exuberant price tag. We offer our clients access to sustainable building solutions that work within their budget and time constraints. This is the reason we ship our Laminated Timber products to North America from Germany. We can offer a superior product, with a reduced carbon footprint – it’s truly the ‘whole’ package.

The material properties and life-cycle balance of Laminated Timber products is unlike any other. Timber is a naturally found construction material, ecologically sound and economically very cost-effective. This is why the use of timber can be called visionary. As a leading manufacturer, it is important to us that we offer a product that  helps us to safeguard living conditions in our lifetime and for future generations.

Effective Transportation

As we said “We grow green buildings” – we ship them too. The fact that timber is a lightweight product with extraordinary strength and stability makes it a perfect candidate for transportation to remote and international locations. Unlike concrete, the freight charges of timber are considerably lower, wood weighs 80% less than concrete. Also our manufacturing plant can ship direct by rail and sea, to avoid unnecessary trucking carbon emissions.

Design Flexibility

Laminated Timber can be manufactured to an almost limitless variety of straight and curved configurations. Laminated Timber in straight shapes is widely used as a structural material for rafters and roof racks with a span length of 50 m. Curved structural members can span distances up to 150 m. making this lightweight-product ideal for extensive span lengths. Many arch forms are possible because the trusses can be adjusted to the slope easily and twisted structural members can be used for sophisticated formwork. Laminated Timber as a structural product is often used where the structure of a building is exposed as an architectural feature.

Renewable & Natural Resource

Timber is a renewable natural resource. Sustainable agriculture and forestry in Europe, has implemented a system to increase the live tree population annually – meaning more trees are left to grow than to be cut down. As environmentally aware manufacturers we have committed ourselves to use almost exclusively European timber. When considering the life-cycle-balance of wood, timber clearly outperforms other building materials such as concrete or steel.

Origin of Our Timber in Europe: Central Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Timber that corresponds to DIN 1052 certification: Pine, Spruce, Larch, Douglas Fir, Southern Pine, Western Hemlock and Yellow Cedar.

Plus-Energy Product

Remnants of timber products can produce more energy than is required to produce timber products. This is the reason why it is justified to define laminated timber as a plus-energy-product. The following qualities make Laminated Timber a very attractive and energy-efficient building material

  1. Acts as a natural insulator.
  2. Is a Non-effective heat-conductor therefore require far less energy than steel and concrete buildings.
  3. Naturally balances the moisture content in a building making a healthy and comfortable environment.

Material Properties

Strength, stiffness and its molded density define Laminated Timber as a superior construction material. Thanks to the most modern technology, our timber is machine-graded. Automatic grading is reliable and efficient and we are able to offer Laminated Timber in GL24, GL28, GL32 , GL36 quality. Prior to fabrication the timber is mechanically evaluated in our facilities to measure strength (determines the load-bearing capacity) and stiffness (capacity to deformation). We use modern technology to determine the molded density properties, in order to ensure the product performs at maximum efficiency.

Fire Safety

Fire safety is an important concern in all types of construction. The fire performance characteristics of wood are excellent which is why many fire departments are timber constructions. In comparison to steel, which starts to lose its engineering properties around 400 C,  timber keeps its properties under heat. It is interesting to note, that F 30 and F 60 can be obtained without additional flame-retardant treatment made to Laminated Timber. Bigger sections of timber allow for more char and can achieve more than 60 min fire rating and higher fire protection overall.

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