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Alfred Horie Construction and Derix Laminated Timber bring together, over 200 years worth of innovative building experience.

As industry leaders we aim to provide North America with world-class, Laminated Timber building solutions. AHC+DERIX provides a total Laminated Timber building solution to projects in North America. We act as consultants, working directly with our manufacturing plant in Germany, to bring superior quality and efficiency to projects in North America.

Our skilled team can execute large scale design-build projects, manufacturing or act simply as a timber advisor. This relationship is much more than a sales brokerage. Working with AHC+Derix means your entire timber needs are taken care of. We bridge the international time-zone gap so you can focus your efforts here in North America. It’s like working with a local partner while gaining a superior product from an international market.

About AHC

History As A Builder

AHC Group, established in 1893, is an integrated construction and development company that specializes in exceeding individual client needs through professional and innovative  services. We have developed a team that unites clients, designers, architects, engineers, and builders into a single working environment. Our method is effective and leads to the success of a project. We can build in remote sites, offer design-build opportunities, provide budgeting and overall project management, explore land and development options and current trends in building and materials. Our head office is located in Burnaby, Canada. This places us in the ideal time zone to work on projects across North America and Asia. Alfred Horie Construction, one of the oldest companies in Canada, is a company that follows a successful recipe of integrity, dependability and innovation since 1893.

About Derix

History As A Manufacturer

With a vast experience in the timber industry the Derix Group, established in 1925, specializes in laminated timber construction. Thanks to our excellent service and our sophisticated production techniques even architects and engineers benefit from our expertise. In cooperation with our partners we perform effectively on a European and International level. Our expertise allows us to realize the most outstanding projects, no matter how exceptional or how difficult they seem to be. You will find our production plants situated in Germany (Niederkrüchten and Westerkappeln) and together with our sales offices in Hamburg and Hermeskeil (Germany) and our branch in Uden (The Netherlands). We pride ourselves of being a modern and innovative company whose expertise is based on 89 years of experience in the timber industry.


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